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At Ignite Dispensary in New Richmond, WI, Star Prairie residents will find a huge lineup of CBD, hemp-derived THC, vape, and tobacco products, as well as smoking accessories and more!

Delta 8, CBD, Vape, Tobacco & More

The Widest Assortment of High-Quality Products Around

All of us here at Ignite Dispensary are passionate about education as well as supporting our local and ethical hemp growers. We deliver only the highest-quality products from brands that you can trust, because we don’t sell anything that isn’t lab-tested or fails to meet our high standards. Many of our products come from Midwestern hemp growers using sustainable farming methods. We carry a wide range of CBD tinctures, edibles, CBD for pets, and CBD body products. We even carry hemp-derived THC products, like Delta-8, Delta-9, and HHC. And if you’re looking for tobacco, vape, or cigar products, we have those too! 


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Whether you are looking to try CBD for the first time or you’re an experienced user who wants a better selection, we invite you down to Ignite Dispensary in New Richmond! Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and is ready to provide an enjoyable and education-focused shopping experience. We only stock pure, potent, and effective products that are lab-tested and meet our rigorous quality standards. Over the last decade or so, CBD has become a popular segment of the natural wellness market, and now that Delta-8, Delta-9, and other hemp-derived cannabinoids are available, it just gives you that many more options. Don’t like the “high” associated with traditional cannabis but still want benefits? CBD is for you. Want a milder version of the typical THC experience? Try Delta-8! There are plenty of options on the market today, and our staff is up-to-date and trained on all of them so they can give you the best shopping experience.


And of course, if you’re looking more for vape or tobacco products, we have a great selection of those as well. Come down and check out Ignite Dispensary in New Richmond today, or order online!

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