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For those who enjoy the occasional nicotine break, vaping can provide the high-quality experience you desire without exposing yourself or others to harmful cigarette smoke.

Elevate Your Vape with Ignite

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Ignite Dispensary is proud to be the best vape shop in New Richmond, offering e-cigarettes, pens, e-pipes, and e-juice in a variety of flavors and potencies. The team of experienced, friendly professionals at Ignite are well-versed in the vape lifestyle and can help you find the right product for you at our New Richmond vape shop.

Vaping is a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking, and is also more convenient, discreet, and respectful of others; for these reasons, vape products have seen a steady increase in demand. There are also tons of fun flavors and customizable accessories that come along with vaping. But not all products are the same—this is where Ignite Dispensary’s careful product sourcing ensures you are choosing from only the best available products at our New Richmond vape shop.

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Ignite Dispensary is proud to be New Richmond’s source for e-cigarettes, pens, e-pipes, e-juice and all your other vaping needs. We have a great selection and will treat you like family. Stop by for a visit today!

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