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Do you want a delicious treat that makes you feel good? Shop the newest and best assortment of CBD edibles in New Richmond at Ignite Dispensary!

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People love CBD edibles for the relaxing, mellow feeling they provide, without the high that comes with traditional cannabis edibles. They are longer-lasting than topical or smoked CBD, and deliver full-body effects. Our New Richmond dispensary has CBD gummies, chocolate, soda, and other snacks to give you the variety you crave and the relief from stress or soreness you deserve.

There are tons of CBD edibles out there, but Ignite chooses only the highest-quality and purest products for its lineup. As with the rest of our CBD products, every batch of CBD edibles in New Richmond is lab-tested for purity and potency. Our CBD edibles are full-spectrum, meaning they include not only CBD but also the associated terpenes and other compounds that are naturally present in the hemp plant. Together, these compounds produce the “entourage effect”—a comprehensive wellness experience that offers more than CBD can on its own.

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