Topicals & Balms

There are many wonderful ways to reap the benefits of CBD, and topical products can be a great option, either on their own or in conjunction with an ingestible product.

Topical Relief at a Fair Price

Topical , Balms, and Salves for any Occasion

Here at Ignite Dispensary, we carry a selection of top-grade CBD topicals and balms at our Wisconsin and North Dakota location from some of the best brands in the industry. Both Element and BLNCD Naturals make several options for topical hemp applications, in varying potencies and formulations. From cool minty relief for muscle aches to skin-soothing body oil, we’ll help you find the best topical CBD for your lifestyle.

While many people already use things like CBD tinctures and edibles, topical products have a few distinct advantages. These formulations are well absorbed through the skin, and can be used to give targeted relief to certain areas of the body. If you are experiencing sore muscles, or perhaps nursing an injury or have a patch of dry skin, you can apply a CBD balm for fast, localized relief. All our CBD creams and salves at our Wisconsin area stores are great for athletes or for anyone wanting to manage their stiff, sore muscles naturally.

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If you have been searching for CBD topicals online, or want to swing by a store to choose the best one for you, Ignite Dispensary is here to help. We have several convenient locations throughout North Dakota and Wisconsin for CBD topicals and balms, as well as an online shop, so you can get the products you want without hassle. We know you’ll love our curated selection of topical CBD oils, balms, and salves.