Ignite is one of the best dispensaries in the Wisconsin and North Dakota region, and you can count on us for a wide selection of high-quality products, as well as friendly customer service.

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The Widest Assortment of High-Quality Prodcuts Around

We are proud to have many convenient locations throughout the region, as well as a fully-stocked online shop, where you can browse from home. Ignite Dispensary is a full-service CBD oil store in Wisconsin and North Dakota and a supplier of vape, tobacco, and smoking accessories, where you can buy everything that you need to elevate your wellness lifestyle.

For the Wisconsin dispensary that has the best selection, come down to Ignite! We stock some of the top brands in the industry, so you can feel good about what you buy from us. Plus, our staff is experienced and helpful, ready to answer any of your questions and assist you with finding the best Hemp oil, tobacco, or vape products in Wisconsin or North Dakota for your lifestyle. Whether you are a long-time smoker, looking for some health benefits of CBD, open to trying a new delta-8 product, shopping for a gift, or anything else, we look forward to serving you!

Ignite Dispensary has several convenient locations throughout the area, and we invite you to stop by and see our huge selection of products at our local CBD oil stores in Wisconsin and North Dakota. For your sore muscles, for mood balancing, for restful sleep, or to simply enhance your wellness, we’ve got the goods for you.

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Medicinal Mushrooms Now Available!

Ignite Dispensary is now offering medicinal mushroom supplements and gummiest select locations! We have an assortment of different mushroom products for you to try including Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Reishi, Chaga, and Amanita Muscaria. Give them a try today!

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When you are looking for CBD, Delta-8 THC products, tobacco, vaping goods, or accessories, we’re here for you. Don’t go to just any dispensary in town—make sure you go with a company that you can trust. Our CBD oil stores in Wisconsin and North Dakota make you feel right at home every time you shop.