Bismarck CBD Flower

Do you enjoy the ritual of smoking, but would rather not have the high that comes with THC? Smokable CBD flower may be a great option for you!

The Pleasure of Smoking

Smokable, High-Quality CBD Flower

Ignite Dispensary carries a selection of top-shelf smokable CBD flower at our Bismarck store; our flower is lab-tested and grown by Midwestern hemp farmers. When you want the experience of smoking, either in your bubbler, pipe, or other accessory, but don’t want the psychoactive effects, come down to our shop and let us set you up with some Hemp flower! You’ll get the satisfaction of lighting up, while enjoying the stress-relieving, body-relaxing, mood-boosting benefits of CBD. 

Just like other types of flower, smokable CBD flower is available in a variety of potencies, terpene profiles, and flavors. Come to Ignite Dispensary of Bismarck for all your CBD flower needs, and try one of our premium, Midwest-grown strains. When you buy from us, you can breathe easy knowing you’re getting a premium product that delivers a smooth, satisfying experience, every time. Ride the feel-good, chill-out vibes of CBD, while enjoying the ritual of packing a bowl or rolling a joint. We know that smoking is a social activity for many people, and a way to share a moment with friends, and now you can do that in a way that supports your wellness lifestyle.

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Because smoke is quickly absorbed into the lungs, this method gives you a faster hit of all those amazing CBD effects. When you are ready to relax and unwind, but don’t want to wait for an edible to kick in, indulge in our smokable CBD flower. You can also combine them, pairing a fast-acting smoke with a longer-acting CBD tincture, oil, or edible, for a nice, smooth ride.

When you’re looking for THC-free, full-spectrum CBD flower in Bismarck, look no further than Ignite Dispensary. Our friendly staff is here to answer your questions and help you pick out your new favorite strain. Stop in and visit us today!

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