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Live in Two Rivers, WI, and want the best CBD and cannabis products around? Ignite Dispensary is right down the road in Manitowoc! We’ve got a great lineup of CBD and hemp-derived cannabinoids, as well as vape, tobacco, cigars, and all the accessories you need to spark your moment!

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The Widest Assortment of High-Quality Products Around

Here at Ignite Dispensary, we go the extra mile to create a welcoming, enjoyable, and education-focused shopping experience. Our Manitowoc CBD dispensary is stocked with the finest products made with hemp grown by Midwestern farmers. We work with farmers who use sustainable cultivation methods, and all of our products are lab-tested for purity and potency. The result is one of the nation’s best selection of CBD tinctures, pet CBD products, and topicals, as well as hemp-derived THC products like Delta-8, Delta-9, and HHC. And, if tobacco is more your thing, we have vape essentials, premium cigars, and standard tobacco offerings products as well!



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We proudly serve customers that come from all over the state and even the country looking for quality CBD products. If you are new to using CBD or other hemp-derived products, we are here to answer any questions you have and help you choose what’s right for you. And if you’re no stranger to the benefits of CBD, we know you’ll appreciate our huge selection, uncompromising quality, and friendly staff. 

CBD is more popular than ever, as millions of people are finding it helps with their sleep, mood, focus, and promotes a general sense of ease and well-being. CBD could be the missing piece in your wellness routine, so if you’re in Two Rivers, come up to Manitowoc and stop by Ignite Dispensary!

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