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Vaping is a relatively new and increasingly popular way for smokers to get their fix. Whether it’s a CBD oil vape pen or an e-cigarette, those who indulge in one of the world’s oldest habits are using new technology to enhance their own experience and reduce the nuisance factor for those around them.

Elevate Your Vape with Ignite

Ditch the Cigs, Get the Same Effect

Vaping discharge is nowhere near as bothersome or unhealthy as cigarette or even Hemp smoke, and the user can customize their experience with different styles of pens, different flavors, and even different levels of product potency.

Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc is your friendly local vape shop. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to talk about all kinds of products and vaping options, whether it’s for nicotine or cannabis products, for heavy consumers or the occasional vaper

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On our shelves in Manitowoc you’ll find a wide variety of e-cigarettes, pens, e-pipes, e-juice, CBD cartridges, and more—all carefully sourced, because we believe in quality first.

Get everything you need for a custom and optimal vaping experience at Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc, your hometown vape shop. Stop by and see us today!

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