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The benefits of cannabis aren’t just for humans anymore. CBD can help soothe our four-legged friends when they get a little wily or restless, sore, or nervous for that trip to the vet.

High-Quality CBD Products for Pets

Treat Your Pet to the Relief They Deserve

Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc has a variety of pet CBD oil products, including treats and tinctures for both dogs and cats.

Since CBD is so popular nowadays, there are a lot of pet products out there, and not all of them are worth the sticker price. At Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc, our pet CBD oil products are lab-tested, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ve purchased the cleanest, highest quality products on the market.

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Our staff is very knowledgeable about these products, and can answer your questions and help find the right treat or tincture for your pet.

The next time you stop by our dispensary to pick up some CBD products for yourself, remember your pet, too! They could use a little relief now and then, and we are happy to help you provide it for them. Come to Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc for top-quality pet CBD oil products today!

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