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Who doesn’t love a tasty snack? What if that tasty snack could help your mood, or promote restful sleep? That’s what CBD edibles do, and Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc has the finest selection of gummies, chocolate, or even soda to mellow you out and satisfy your cravings

Ingestible, Delicious, Discrete

Edible CBD & Delta 8 Products at a Fair Price

In addition to a variety of different snacks and flavors, our products come in several different dosage options, with our helpful staff ready to help select the ones that are right for you.

Because CBD products are so popular nowadays, many shops stock CBD edibles that aren’t really what they say they are—they might have unsafe additives, pesticide residues, or might not even contain the amount of CBD they claim they do. This is where Ignite does things differently.

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The CBD edibles we sell in Manitowoc are lab-tested, quality products that were carefully sourced and selected because we believe in selling the best products, period. We also train our staff in how to discuss and differentiate between different products and determine which ones are superior quality.

Transparency, quality, and education are the pillars of our business, and that makes us the best source for CBD edibles in Manitowoc. Stop by for a visit and see the Ignite difference for yourself. We can’t wait to see you!

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