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Still haven’t found the right CBD dispensary in Proctor, MN? That’s because you won’t find one with the huge selection and great customer care that we provide at Ignite Dispensary in Superior, WI. For a truly superior cannabis experience, we invite you to head over the bridge and explore all of our CBD, vape, tobacco, or hemp-derived cannabinoids like Delta-8, Delta-9, and HHC. Ignite is open to those 18+ with electronic ID verification.


Whether you are brand new to using cannabis wellness products or you’ve been trying them for a while, we have something for you at Ignite Dispensary. Our stores are focused on customer education and support, and we know you’ll love shopping in a clean, inviting atmosphere where you can ask any question. We carry only the best quality products, expertly sourced and  including locally-grown hemp, organic products, and more. Trouble sleeping? Sore joints? Anxious moods? Come down and let us find the perfect plant-derived solution for you. We have the best lineup of hemp-derived products in the region.


Spark a Moment…

  • …Of clarity; get educated on cannabinoids and how they can elevate your life.
  • .…Of calm; unwind with CBD or any of our other cannabinoid products.
  • …Of comfort; all our products are legal, pure, and potent.
  • …Of peace; take a moment to yourself to relax. We’ll supply the vape, cigar, or smokable hemp you crave.

why choose ignite?

great products, great service, great people


7 Clean and well-stocked locations across WI and ND


Educated, highly trained, and friendly staff


Premium cigar and tobacco offerings


Lab-tested cannabis products made with hemp from American farms


Ignite Dispensary has locations across Wisconsin and North Dakota. If you need cannabis in Proctor, MN, come visit us in Superior, WI!

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High-quality, potent, and third-party tested—our products stand above the rest!

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We strive to give you the most complete shopping experience. Take your time to learn and shop around. Visit our cannabinoid information page or check out our helpful blog!

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For people living near Proctor, MN, quality CBD dispensaries may be hard to find. Thankfully, there is a clean, well-stocked Ignite Dispensary just down the road in Superior, WI! Our team is passionate about helping people like you feel their best and enjoy life, with any of our cannabinoid wellness products. We have tinctures, edibles, beverages, body products, pet products, and more. And if your smoke shop in Proctor isn’t delivering, we’ve also got cigars, vape goods, tobacco, and accessories.

Shop our selection of top-shelf, locally grown cannabis products, either online or by visiting us at our Superior, WI store.