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When you’re looking for the perfect cigar for a special occasion, or just wanting to pick up some cigarettes after work, Ignite Dispensary will get you what you need.

The Highest Quality Tobacco Around

the finest tobacco products on the market

Tobacco’s history dates back thousands of years, and Ignite Dispensary pays homage to the rich past of this plant by providing the finest tobacco products on the market. We have something for every method of tobacco usage, from pipes and cigars to smokeless tobacco. Our products make wonderful gifts and are great to share with others at weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations. When you find the right tobacco for your lifestyle, check out our accessories, such as our rolling papers and cigar cutters, so you can customize and enhance your tobacco experience in a way that works for you.

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you pick out a cigar or a new flavored product, or accessorize your experience with a new ashtray or storage case. Come visit Superior’s number-one smoke shop today!

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Not only is Ignite Superior’s favorite dispensary, but we’re also the best smoke shop in town! Our shelves are stocked with top-brand tobacco products that range from loose leaf, cigarettes, hand-rolled cigars, cigarillos, and more. Finding a trustworthy business that has high-quality tobacco can be difficult, but our slate of premium products and knowledgeable staff make Ignite Dispensary the best and most trusted smoke shop in Superior. We have tobacco for beginner smokers as well as the aficionados, and are excited to provide our local customers with all of their tobacco needs.

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