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The Pleasure of Smoking

no need to worry

With the rise in popularity of CBD has come a flood of new and exciting ways to consume this wonderful plant. But no need to worry – Ignite Dispensary has not forgotten about smoking! Smokable CBD flower lets you enjoy the ritual of cannabis smoking without the psychoactive effects from THC. That means you can still experience those calming, body-relieving effects while maintaining the mental clarity to go about your normal day. Our CBD flower in Superior can be enjoyed in any traditional smoking accessory, including in a pipe, bong, or joint. Take your Hemp smoking experience to the next level with some smokable CBD flower from Ignite Dispensary.

Smoking flower can give you a distinct experience compared to other methods. Just like regular THC buds, CBD flower comes in different strains that vary in strength, flavor, and terpenes—natural compounds that are responsible for all of cannabis’s unique aromas and tastes. Our CBD flower strains in Superior are. well, superior—they are all high-quality, potent, taste great, and are grown by Midwestern Hemp farmers using organic practices!

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At Ignite Dispensary, we can help you find your favorite buds or recommend some new ones that you can share with your friends. Whether you use smoking as a way to connect with others or just to decompress after a long day, our dispensary in Superior has the smokable CBD flower that will give you the relief and benefits you need.

Ignite Dispensary is the expert in all things Hemp, and we get it – people love smoking, but not everyone loves that THC feeling. So, try packing a bowl of our smokable CBD flower and take the edge off of a stressful day, ease those nervous feelings, and enjoy a more restorative sleep.

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