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When you need quick and easy relief for your body, try a revitalizing CBD topical or balm from Ignite Dispensary in Superior, Wisconsin.

Topical Relief at a Fair Price

the best CBD topicals and balms

Hemp—you can eat, smoke, vape, or even drink it, and now, you can rub it on your skin! CBD topicals are a great option for those seeking benefits for their skin, muscles, and joints. Ignite Dispensary in Superior has the best CBD topicals and balms, infused with uplifting ingredients that can give your body the support and relief it needs, naturally. We have many formulas and potencies to choose from, but all of our topicals provide the restorative benefits you need – and they smell amazing, too! If you’re looking to soothe your muscles, ease tension, and moisturize, a CBD topical—maybe a cream or salve— from our Superior store is just the thing you need.

You can use it by itself, or in addition to one of our other CBD products to maximize the relief. Take advantage of our online ordering or stop by our store to talk with one of our friendly team members who can help you find the right topical product for you.

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CBD users’ favorite part about topicals is that they can apply these products directly to an affected area on their body. The cream is quickly absorbed, where it can get to work on that particular sore muscle, patch of dry skin, or achy joint. Topical products can make a great addition to your daily skin care regimen, where they can help fight breakouts and promote clear complexion. They are also popular among athletes who are looking to relax their tired and overworked muscles. You can bring your topical product anywhere, so you can experience fast, targeted relief whether you’re sitting at your desk or in the gym locker room after an intense workout.

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