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Of all the ways you can ingest cannabis products, smoking is the fastest way to feel the effects, even if they won’t last as long as edibles. Many cannabis users might enjoy the ritual of smoking—the scent, the rolling, or the oral fixation—but don’t necessarily want to be high.

The Pleasure of Smoking

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That’s where smokable CBD flower from our Spooner dispensary is a great option. The flowers from the Hemp plant resemble those from marijuana plants, but chemically they are completely different. They do not produce large amounts of delta-9 THC, the compound that sparks the “high” feeling. With smokable CBD flower, you get all the touchy-feely parts of the smoking ritual without getting blazed out of your mind.

The CBD is absorbed quickly through the lungs, providing near-instantaneous relief from tension, and it can also help promote more restful sleep. Meanwhile, it leaves all your functionality intact so you can go about your day as you normally would. And, because we offer full-spectrum Hemp flower at our Spooner store, you also get the benefits of other compounds found in the Hemp plant, such as terpenes.

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Ignite Dispensary in Spooner has dozens of different varieties of smokable CBD flower, from aromatic, citrusy strains to more pungent, earthy ones. We also carry pre-rolled CBD joints for convenient, on-the-go relaxation and enjoyment.

We source our smokable CBD flower from organic, Midwestern Hemp farms, and you can access many of the lab reports on our website. Our focus is on quality, transparency, and service. Stop by Ignite Dispensary in Spooner today!

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