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Ignite Dispensary in Spooner is also your one-stop vape shop for all your e-cigarette needs. From pens to e-pipes and cartridges, we provide only the best quality vaping products, so you can be sure that you’re getting the most for your money.

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Vaping is a more cost-effective alternative to cigarette smoking, and it has the added bonuses of being discreet and less bothersome and harmful to those around you. Plus, you can enjoy fun, custom pen configurations and tasty e-liquid flavors, such as cotton candy, banana, and fruit punch.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help guide you to the products you’re looking for, and maybe even show you some cool things you haven’t seen before. We have all different kinds of e-cigarettes, whether disposable or rechargeable, with small or large tanks.

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If you’re not into the e-cigarette scene but enjoy a traditional cigar, you might consider an e-cigar. These are impressive digital replicas of the real thing, and some even have chewable mouthpieces for the authentic cigar experience. The best part is that you can enjoy full-on cigar flavor and effects without bothering anyone around you or having your clothes smell like an ashtray.

Or, for a classic—and perhaps classier—look and feel, go for an e-pipe that resembles the tobacco pipe you remember your granddad pulling out after a holiday dinner. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your vaping lifestyle or simply resupply, Ignite Dispensary is your go-to vape shop in Spooner.

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