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The best CBD dispensary in the Somerset area just opened—it’s Ignite Dispensary in New Richmond! Make the quick dash down to Ignite for high-quality hemp, delta-8, and tobacco products from a shop you can trust. We’re dedicated to helping people like you take their lifestyle and wellness routines to the next level, selling only the purest and most potent products on the market. Our team of experienced cannabis and tobacco experts can assist you in finding the perfect products for everything from unwinding after a stressful day to getting better sleep and even helping your pet relax.

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There are plenty of places to get CBD or hemp products today, but very few where you aren’t overcharged for a product and oversold on what it will do for you. At Ignite Dispensary, we are honest about what our products do, and we only sell products that are lab-tested and meet our quality standard. We do our best to partner with Midwestern hemp farmers who use sustainable farming practices. Come down and visit us, enjoy our clean, welcoming atmosphere, and get all your questions answered about CBD, hemp, delta-8, and more!


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There are many reasons why Ignite Dispensary is known as the best dispensary throughout Wisconsin. Our huge selection, quality, and personalized customer care keep people coming back!

Somerset’s best CBD dispensary isn’t online; it’s just down the road. Come visit Ignite Dispensary in New Richmond today!

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