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It may be hard to find great CBD products in Jamestown, ND, but Ignite Dispensary is just down the road in Bismarck. Shoot across I-94 and stock up on our huge selection of high-quality CBD, tobacco, vape, and cigar products!

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The Widest Assortment of High-Quality Products Around

We love supporting our local Midwest hemp growers, especially the ones using sustainable and ethical growing practices. Here at Ignite Dispensary, you’ll find products derived from hemp plants grown on Midwestern farms, under the sun, using sustainable practices. We believe better hemp produces better CBD, and better CBD means a cleaner, more effective product.  You’ll love our assortment of top-end CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, pet products, and more! Plus, we’ve got lots of premium cigars, tobacco basics, and vape essentials, along with all the accessories you need to spark yourself a moment.

When you need to re-up your tobacco or CBD supply in Jamestown, head over to Ignite Dispensary in Bismarck and let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find what you need. We routinely get customers that have traveled from all over the Midwest, and they enjoy our clean, inviting atmosphere, helpful staff, and uncompromising product standards. 


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No matter what you’re shopping for or what experience level you have, you will enjoy a pleasant and education-focused experience with us. Unlike other CBD dispensaries in North Dakota, we genuinely enjoy educating and explaining these incredible products to our customers, no matter if it’s their first time buying cannabis products or if they’re an established regular that wants to keep up on the newest offerings. 

Let’s find a pure, potent, and effective CBD product for you! Make the trip from Jamestown to Ignite Dispensary in Bismarck, or shop online today!

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