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If you’re new to CBD and want to start off with something easy, or looking for something to take alongside one of our other products, consider trying a CBD topical or balm from Ignite Dispensary in Hayward!

Topical Relief at a Fair Price

simple to use

Topicals and balms are simple to use because they are applied topically, where their buttery texture gently melts into your skin and never even makes it into the bloodstream. This allows you to precisely target exact locations on your body where you know you need relief. Topicals can be absorbed deep enough to soothe achy muscles and joints, but can also relieve dry, itchy, or burned skin on the surface. Our consumers regularly implement these products into their workout regimes to speed up recovery. Perhaps you just want to enhance your daily skincare routine, promote clear complexion, and regulate oil production.

Ignite Dispensary has the CBD topicals and balms that will help bring your body back into balance on the outside so you can start feeling good on the inside. You can learn more by visiting our online store to check out ingredients and pick a formula that works for you. Order online today to have your topical or balm shipped right to your doorstep, or talk with our educated staff in-person at our store in Hayward. We look forward to meeting you!

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Topicals and balms provide a simple and convenient way to get the benefits of CBD without eating or smoking anything. Our Hayward store has premium CBD topical and balm products from top-tier brands, including BLNCD and Element. We have several topicals that differ in potency and formula, but all offer the therapeutic elements that will give you the relief your body needs.

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