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The rise of so many different CBD products doesn’t mean we have to throw away the tradition of rolling up a joint to pass around with all of your friends. Stop by our dispensary in Hayward to find the right CBD flower strain for you.

The Pleasure of Smoking

keep the tradition alive

Smoking flower has historically been a favorite past-time used by many as a social activity or a way to unwind after a long day at work. At Ignite Dispensary, we want to keep the tradition of smoking alive and embrace all of the benefits that it can provide for people. Let’s face it, not all of us have the time and patience to wait for an edible to kick in, and inhaling your CBD provides fast-acting results when you need that relief now. Smoking is also a great way to experience all of the terpenes produced by CBD that give us those delicious smells and flavors that come from the buds.

We truly want to help you achieve your wellness goal, whether it be balancing out your mood or just getting a better night’s rest. Ignite Dispensary in Hayward has the smokable CBD flower that will make every sesh enjoyable.

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If you want the benefits from this great herb without the intoxicating side effects of THC, smokable CBD flower is your answer! Smoking is all about the experience, and you want your flower to smell good, taste good, and most importantly, be effective. The smokable CBD flower at our Hayward dispensary comes in several different strains that can lift your mood, reduce irritability, and induce relaxation. Our CBD flower strains vary in both strength and flavor. You’ll never get bored of trying out all of our unique buds, and can even mix and match when you’re feeling a little adventurous. All of our flower is smooth on your lungs while powerful enough to help you feel all of the relaxing and restorative benefits that CBD has to offer.

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