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Shopping for a quality cigar can be quite intimidating, even if you’ve been in the market a while. With dozens of different styles, origins, flavor profiles, and shapes, cigars are an art in and of themselves. When you are shopping for a cigar, whether for yourself or to give as a gift, it’s always nice to know a few things to look for. This can keep you focused while you shop, and give you some confidence, too.

Just like when you shop for clothes, cigars are a matter of personal taste. So, if you’re new, don’t hesitate to try a bit of everything so you can find which flavors and styles you enjoy best. Here are a few general things to keep in mind as you do your cigar shopping:

1. Appearance

A quality cigar will have a smooth, consistent finish and be aesthetically pleasing. Look for a supple wrapper with an even color tone—cracks, splotchy color, or warping may indicate that it’s dried out or the fermentation was hurried. Check out the foot of the cigar and you should see smooth, uniform folds of tobacco with no big gaps. A triple cap or three-seam cap is another sign of a superior cigar.

2. Aroma

The scent of a good cigar is one of the characteristics that draws people in. As you inspect a cigar, gently lift it to your nose and inhale the unique aroma. Each cigar brand and country of origin smells slightly different, but a quality cigar should smell rich and smooth, without harshness or bite.

3. Consistency

A good cigar maker will create a consistent product, not only in appearance but also in taste and smoking experience. Check out the selection in the humidor of the cigars—do they look uniform and tidy? Once you find a favorite, do those cigars offer a reliable experience every time you buy one?

4. Price

Too often people assume that a higher price tag will always guarantee a better cigar. However, even the most expensive cigar isn’t a “good cigar” if you don’t enjoy smoking it! There are decent cigars in nearly every price range, so we recommend trying a selection of cigars that you know you can afford to enjoy often, and those that are reserved for special occasions.

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