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Don’t settle for gas station CBD ever again. The best CBD dispensary and smoke shop in Wauwatosa, WI is actually Ignite Dispensary in neighboring Milwaukee! Make the short trip to our clean, inviting shop and stock up on an incredible selection of quality CBD, hemp-derived THC, and smoke shop products. Ignite offers our neighbors in Wauwatosa a CBD dispensary and smoke shop that takes itself, its products, and its customers seriously. That’s what makes us number one in the region. Our stores are open to anyone 18+ with e-ID verification.


There may be other CBD dispensaries near Wauwatosa, but chances are they won’t come close to the quality of products you’ll find with us. That’s because we start with genuine Midwestern hemp extracts from American farmers, and our chemists and cannabis experts test every single product for purity and potency. While many shops strive to educate their customers, Ignite Dispensary takes it to another level, with an unrivaled passion for education! We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best natural options for managing sleep, stress, body aches, and more. At our Milwaukee CBD dispensary, Wauwatosa residents can explore hemp-derived, legal THC products, including Delta-8, Delta-9, HHC, and more!

Spark a Moment…

  • …Of clarity; confused about cannabinoids and which ones are right for you? We are here to help!
  • …Of peace; take a breather from your day with any of our vape, tobacco, or cigar products.
  • …Of calm; get some much-needed zen with our CBD and hemp-derived cannabinoids.
  • …Of comfort; shop with ease knowing all our products are legal, pure, and lab-tested.

why choose ignite?

great products, great service, great people


7 Clean and well-stocked locations across WI and ND


Educated, highly trained, and friendly staff


Premium cigar and tobacco offerings


Lab-tested cannabis products made with hemp from American farms


Are you searching for a quality CBD dispensary in Wauwatosa, WI? Ignite Dispensary is right down the road in Milwaukee. Come visit us today!

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Let us hook you up with cannabinoid wellness products that you can trust. Come to us for effective, pure CBD, Delta-8, and more.

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When you want quality cannabis products in Wauwatosa, WI, head on over to Milwaukee and visit us at Ignite Dispensary! We are trusted across the Midwest for our responsibly-sourced products, including new Delta-8, Delta-8, and HHC goods, along with plenty of CBD. Edibles, tinctures, smokables, body products, and much more await you here. And if you’re looking for cigars, tobacco, or vape products, we’ve got those too.

Let’s help you find natural ways to feel your best. Shop online or come visit our Milwaukee store today.