Running out of creative ideas for holiday gifts, or want to step outside the box this year? Why not do your shopping at your local dispensary? There are hundreds of amazing wellness products to choose from, sure to be enjoyed by your adult family or friends. Give the gift of relaxation and relief, with CBD tinctures, topicals, and edibles, as well as new hemp-derived cannabinoid products, such as Delta-9, Delta-8, HHC, and THC-O Here are some great gift ideas from Ignite Dispensary:
  1. CBD body products
Who doesn’t love a soak in a hot bath, or a nice moisturizer, especially during the winter months? Body products are already popular gift ideas, but why not add a little something extra this year. We carry CBD bath products, body balms, skin salves, and more! These are great for people who need a little TLC for muscle or joint aches, feelings of stress, or trouble sleeping.
  1. Gummies
Everyone loves getting candy, but it’s even better when that candy contains pure and potent cannabinoids! Gummies and other edibles make for perfect stocking stuffers, or as something to share for holiday gatherings. Ignite carries a wide range of gummies containing CBD, Delta-9, Delta-8, and other unique cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant.
  1. Premium tobacco
If you know someone who’s a cigar aficionado or enjoys a pipeful of classic tobacco, Ignite Dispensary carries a great selection of these unique gifts! If you’re a novice buying for a tobacco enthusiast, don’t worry! Trust our knowledgeable staff to help you choose the right product.
  1. Gift cards
If any of your friends or family are hard to buy for, or perhaps they’re interested in exploring cannabis products but don’t know where to start, a gift card is a great idea. The lucky recipient can come down to any of our dispensary locations and learn all about our products and which ones might be best for them. When you want a great selection of unique wellness gifts, come down and visit us at Ignite Dispensary!