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If you’re in the Siren, WI area searching for a top-notch CBD dispensary, consider stopping by Ignite Dispensary in Spooner. Our vast selection of Delta-8, Delta-9, CBD, premium cigars, tobacco, and vape products will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face. Our store is clean and inviting, and we welcome visitors over the age of 18 with e-ID verification.


At Ignite Dispensary, we aim to provide a superior collection of hemp, tobacco, and vape products to Siren residents. Many of our offerings are locally crafted and grown responsibly, guaranteeing top-notch quality for our customers, as opposed to the CBD you may find at your neighborhood gas station. We are excited to teach you about the benefits of our products and we welcome people from anywhere in the Midwest to come discover more about cannabinoids! Whether you’re in search of hemp-derived CBD, Delta-9 Delta-8, or something else, we are at your service!

Spark a Moment…

  • Of clarity; we can help you make the most out of whatever you buy with us.
  • .…Of calm; our cannabis wellness goods are here to help you find your zen.
  • Of comfort; rest easy knowing all our products are safe and legal.
  • Of peace; you deserve a break, to enjoy a top-shelf cigar, vape, or some tobacco.

why choose ignite?

great products, great service, great people


7 Clean and well-stocked locations across WI and ND


Educated, highly trained, and friendly staff


Premium cigar and tobacco offerings


Lab-tested cannabis products made with hemp from American farms

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Head on over to our shop page to browse a wide selection of products that can be ordered from the comfort of your couch! We are proud to be able to offer these products online, and are sure that there is something for everyone. 


There may not be any good options for cannabis in Siren, WI, but just down the road in Spooner you’ll find one of the best selections in the Midwest.

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Ignite Dispensary is known for our quality and purity, and for supporting local and sustainable hemp growers.

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Ignite Dispensary is known for our quality and purity, and for supporting local and sustainable hemp growers.


If you’re in search of dispensaries around Siren, the best recommendation would be Ignite Dispensary over in Spooner! Our CBD dispensary near Siren offers an array of products that can enhance your evenings and make your days more enjoyable. We have a wide range of cannabis tinctures, body products, and edibles, as well as products for your furry friends. We also offer top-shelf tobacco, vapes, and cigars!

When you visit our CBD dispensary  near Siren, you’ll get the enjoyable, educational shopping experience you deserve. Be sure to check out our online store too!