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If you’re looking for a trustworthy CBD dispensary in Newton, WI, consider heading over to Manitowoc instead. Ignite Dispensary is a well-known establishment in the Midwest that prides itself on providing high-quality products and educating customers. You’ll find a wide variety of legal and effective options on our shelves, including Delta-8, Delta-9, and CBD. We also carry an assortment of premium tobacco, cigars, and vape goods. Our dispensary is open to individuals aged 18 and above with electronic ID verification.


If you are passing through Newton and craving some CBD edibles, make a point to visit Ignite Dispensary in Manitowoc. Our CBD dispensary near Newton boasts top-quality cannabis products from reliable brands, and our friendly staff is knowledgeable about a range of cannabis wellness topics. Discover new products and practices to feel your best, with our huge selection of hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, as well as Delta-8 and Delta-9 products, and all the accessories too. You’ll be happy you made the trip up to see us!

Spark a Moment…

  • …Of calm, unwind your mind, with any of our hemp or cannabis goods.
  • …Of comfort, we only carry the best products that are pure and legal.
  • …Of clarity; we enjoy teaching people about the benefits of our products—come ask us anything!
  • …Of peace; elevate your daily rituals with any of our quality cigars, tobacco, or vapes.

why choose ignite?

great products, great service, great people


7 Clean and well-stocked locations across WI and ND


Educated, highly trained, and friendly staff


Premium cigar and tobacco offerings


Lab-tested cannabis products made with hemp from American farms

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Head on over to our shop page to browse a wide selection of products that can be ordered from the comfort of your couch! We are proud to be able to offer these products online, and are sure that there is something for everyone. 


Trying to find quality hemp, tobacco, or vape products in Newton? Just head up the road to our Manitowoc dispensary and we’ll take care of you!

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We are passionate about every brand we have on our shelves, and you can trust us for quality, pure, and legal products.

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Ignite Dispensary is excited to teach people about the power of cannabis for enhancing well-being. Come chat with us, or check out our blog!


There may not be any good CBD dispensaries in Newton, but thankfully we’re not far away! Come enjoy our wide selection of high-quality hemp products and more at our Manitowoc dispensary. We offer a range of cannabis tinctures, edibles, smokables, Delta-8, Delta-9, and pet CBD, as well as tobacco, cigars, and vape goods. 

At Ignite Dispensary, we strive to help you live your best life thanks to our quality cannabinoid products. Visit us up in Manitowoc or browse our online store right now!