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There may be a few CBD dispensaries in Greenfield, WI, but if you want more than a generic experience with mid-range products, it’s worth a trip to Ignite Dispensary in Milwaukee. We are known as one of the best dispensaries in the Midwest, and people come from all over Wisconsin for our great selection and education-focused approach. When you are looking for high-quality CBD, Delta-8, Delta-9, or other hemp and tobacco products in Greenfield, take the short trip to our downtown Milwaukee location instead. Our CBD dispensary welcomes Greenfield residents over the age of 18 with electronic ID verification.


Instead of settling for just any CBD dispensary near Greenfield, visit Ignite Dispensary in Milwaukee for exceptional products, environment, and service! Our shops are clean and professional, stocked with products that only our team stands by. We’re passionate about educating our customers, whether they are new to cannabis or seasoned veterans. We offer a wide variety of legal and trusted options to support your wellbeing including Delta-8, Delta-9, CBD, and more. Come see us today and discover why we are the go-to dispensary in the area!

Spark a Moment…

  • …Of clarity; got questions about cannabis? We can answer them all!
  • …Of peace; elevate your smoke breaks with our top-shelf tobacco, cigars, and vapes.
  • …Of calm; any of our CBD, Delta-8, or Delta-9 goods can help you find your zen again.
  • …Of comfort; rest assured that all our products are legal and from reputable brands.

why choose ignite?

great products, great service, great people


7 Clean and well-stocked locations across WI and ND


Educated, highly trained, and friendly staff


Premium cigar and tobacco offerings


Lab-tested cannabis products made with hemp from American farms


The next time you’re thinking about hitting that CBD dispensary in Greenfield, WI, head downtown and give Ignite’s Milwaukee location a try!

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No mediocre, untested, or weak products here! We only stock items that we truly believe in.

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Our staff at Ignite is passionate about customer education, helping more people feel their best through cannabis. Check out our blog or education page to start learning right now!

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Here at Ignite Dispensary, we’ll take the time to understand your wellness goals and match you with the best products for your unique needs. Anyone looking for quality hemp, tobacco, or vape products in GreenfieldI should come and see our staff at our Milwaukee dispensary. You’ll be blown away by our selection of CBD body products, tinctures, edibles, CBD flower, pet CBD, and much more!

Elevate your mind and body with hemp-derived cannabis products from Ignite Dispensary. Shop online or come and chat with us today!