CBD, or cannabidiol, has become increasingly popular in recent years as a natural solution for a variety of common maladies. While CBD is most commonly consumed through oils, capsules, and edibles, it can also be applied topically in the form of creams, lotions, and balms. If you have been taking advantage of the spring weather and increasing your physical activity lately, you may be experiencing more muscle soreness or joint aches. CBD topical products are a great tool to use, so you can keep enjoying the things you love to do!

Here are a few things to know about CBD topical products:

How CBD topicals work

CBD is a non-psychotropic compound found in the cannabis plant. When applied topically, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to bring targeted soothing properties. The ECS is responsible for regulating a variety of bodily functions, and by interacting with the ECS, CBD may help reduce aches and soreness associated with exercise.

Benefits of CBD topicals

CBD topicals are particularly beneficial for those suffering from localized discomfort, such as joint stiffness or sore muscles. They can also be used to soothe skin irritation, redness, or dryness. Additionally, CBD topicals are a great alternative for those who cannot consume CBD orally.

Choosing the right CBD topical

When choosing a CBD topical product, it’s important to consider the concentration of CBD, as well as the other ingredients in the product. Look for products that use high-quality CBD oil and natural ingredients. It’s also important to choose a product that is specifically designed for your needs, whether that’s after-exercise relief or skincare.

How to use CBD topicals

To use topical CBD, simply apply a small amount to the affected area and massage it into the skin. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and start with a low dose, gradually increasing as needed.

Whether you’re kickstarting a new workout plan, tackling your garden, or simply doing more activity this spring, consider adding a topical CBD product to your self-care routine. Topical CBD works wonders for many people, and it can help you make the most out of your exercise!

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