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Hemp’s resurgent popularity is mainly due to CBD, which is found in a slew of products so far and offers some of the therapeutic properties of cannabis without the high.

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Duluth’s newest source for Delta-9 THC products is Ignite Dispensary in Superior, WI! There may be cannabis dispensaries in Duluth, but Ignite’s friendly staff and amazing selection of the latest and highest quality cannabis wellness products will have you coming back across the bay. We are proud to be an industry leader, always on the cutting edge of the newest and most exciting cannabis products. If you have been searching for legal delta-9 products in Duluth, we have them at Ignite Dispensary in Superior, WI! When you shop with us, you can rest well knowing you’re getting the finest quality cannabis goods, tested for potency and purity.

Of all the cannabinoids, delta-9 THC is the one most people are familiar with. This is the compound that is responsible for the “high” feeling that people experience when consuming cannabis. However, up until recently, this hasn’t been legally available in the area. Thanks to the Farm Bill passed in 2018, the hemp plant and its derivatives and extracts are legal as long as the dry plant material does not exceed 0.3% THC. This is where our delta-9 THC comes from—it is extracted from CBD taken from hemp plants that are in line with federal law. Our delta-9 products in Duluth will give you the relaxed high you crave, without the legal hassle. And just like the rest of our products, we only carry the brands we trust and know you’ll love.

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Our Delta-9 products available in the Duluth area are great for finding relief from the day’s stress or making a gathering or night out more enjoyable.

Come get your chill on with Ignite Dispensary in Superior! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the best products for your wellness goals, whether it’s delta-9 THC products, a CBD tincture, delta-8 vape cartridge, or something else! Stop by and check out our huge selection of delta-9 edibles, tinctures, and flower in the Duluth area!

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