If you are new to the world of CBD, hemp, and medical marijuana, all the different products and terms can be quite confusing. There is a world of potential in these types of goods, but it’s important to educate yourself a bit first so you know which options will give you the effects you’re looking for. There are many differences between all the hemp and marijuana products on the market today. 

For those curious about CBD flower and how it compares to marijuana, let’s clear a few things up. First, CBD is a cannabinoid, one of many similar compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is most often derived from hemp, which is simply a different version of cannabis, similar to marijuana. However, the term marijuana (a moniker whose origin can be traced back to Latin America and Africa) refers to cannabis that has enough THC to get you high. Essentially, hemp is cannabis that is under the federal legal limit for THC (0.3%) and doesn’t produce psychotropic effects. Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis – just with different chemistry. While the flowers of marijuana plants contain high levels of THC, the flowers of some hemp plants contain high levels of CBD. Marijuana is federally illegal, while hemp-derived CBD is federally legal via the 2018 Farm Bill.

Smokable CBD flower is gaining popularity, as it allows the ritual of smoking without the high of THC. CBD flower can be bought at your local dispensary and is available in a variety of strains, similar to marijuana. It is also sometimes simply referred to as “hemp flower,” which is bred for health benefits. You may already know that hemp is a multi-functional plant used for textiles, building materials, paper, and other consumer goods. Hemp plants also trap carbon and remove toxins from the soil, making hemp far more sustainable than other manufacturing materials. Hemp grown for CBD, however, is a bit different from industrial hemp, as it has been bred to produce medicinally potent terpenes and resin.

In the end, while they’re both versions of the cannabis plant, hemp and marijuana provide different experiences and are vastly different from a legal standpoint.

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