The seemingly ever-changing legal landscape of the cannabis world has confused some people as to which products are allowed, when, and where. Smokable hemp flower may seem like something that would be illegal in many areas, but in fact it’s just as legal as things like CBD oil and CBD edibles. Smokable CBD flower is gaining popularity with people who have some smoking experience, but are looking for something with the potential health benefits of CBD and not any of the potential side effects of THC

Smokable hemp flower is just what you’d expect—it’s flower from the hemp plant that is smokable just like you would any other type of cannabis. You can roll it into a joint, use a pipe, stick it in a bubbler, etc. It’s similar to marijuana, except that it meets the federal legal limits of 0.3% THC or less by dry weight. The main benefit of smoking your CBD versus ingesting it is the fast action. Smoking is the quickest way to feel the effects of hemp, often hitting the bloodstream within a minute or less. However, it’s also the shortest-acting. So, in some instances, a quick and short-lived ride may be best for you.

Many users report feeling benefits like calmer moods, less muscle/joint soreness, and more restful sleep when smoking hemp flower. And many people enjoy the ritual of rolling, packing, or lighting up, especially the social aspects.

Over the last decade, hemp growers have figured out more about the chemistry of the cannabis plant and how to boost CBD content of their flower while also promoting the growth of other beneficial compounds, such as terpenes. Thanks to these innovative growers—like the ones who supply Ignite Dispensary—you can find an expanding list of smokable hemp flower varieties that is sure to include something you’ll love.

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