Teachers and students alike look forward to spring break, where they get a week off to enjoy some sunshine and the first taste of warmer weather. While alcohol has long reigned as the preferred way to have a good time during these vacations, the popularity of cannabis products has skyrocketed as people look for mellower, safer, and more natural ways to enjoy themselves. 


Cannabinoids can help you relax or feel more socially engaged this spring break, and they can be a healthier way to get some zen or even some zany fun. Please note that if you are traveling across state or national borders, it’s important to research the cannabis laws where you’re heading! 


Here in Wisconsin (and Bismarck, ND, too!), you can count on Ignite Dispensary to carry only the highest quality cannabis products that are legal, pure, and potent. Whether you’re planning a chill stay-cation in Milwaukee, a relaxed retreat at a local lake near Spooner, or a road trip to Superior to see friends and family, Ignite has some great products for you to try!


Here are some spring break-worthy cannabis products to check out:


CBD edibles—delight your senses while promoting a calm body and mind with chocolates, gummies, and other edibles.


Smokable CBD flower—when you want the ritual of smoking without the high or legal worries, enjoy some pure CBD flower.


CBD beverages—sip on something delicious while reaping the benefits of CBD. Choose from seltzers, sodas, flavored waters, and more.


CBD tinctures and oils—get pure, potent cannabinoid delivery with a tincture or oil. These can easily be taken under the tongue, or added to a food or drink.


CBD topicals—if you’re going hard with sports or exploring this spring break, a soothing CBD balm or lotion is just the thing for after-activity recovery.


Head on down to Ignite Dispensary before you hit up your spring break spot, and stock up on all your favorite cannabis goods! Visit us in person at any of our convenient locations, or shop online. We’re happy to help make your spring break as relaxing as it can possibly be!