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Ignite Dispensary, your go-to hub for Hemp, CBD, Hemp-derived Delta-8, THCP, and Delta-9, in addition to cigars, tobacco, and vaping goods, bids you a warm welcome. As fervent cannabis enthusiasts, cigar experts, and vape lovers, we take great pride in our pristine locations and friendly and knowledgeable staff. We are equipped with digital ID checks to ensure our customers are 18 years or older. Stop by today to spark your moment!


We are enthusiastic about enriching your lifestyle and are pleased to offer the finest CBD and Hemp-derived Delta-8 and Delta-9 products. If you’re on the hunt for a top-tier dispensary near Baldwin, ND, and want a trustworthy company with quality products, we’re glad you found us! Our team of Hemp and CBD professionals are at your service, ready to help whether you’re seeking stress alleviation, tension relief, or something to boost your concentration or mood. 

Spark a Moment…

  • …Of calm, with a plethora of soothing CBD and Hemp-derived products to select from.
  • …Of comfort, reassured by our lab-tested, law-compliant, and locally sourced products.
  • …Of clarity; engage our informed staff for the answers you seek.
  • …Of peace; amplify the simple pleasure of a smoke break with our tobacco and vape supplies.

why choose ignite?

great products, great service, great people


Seven hygienic, well-stocked locations dispersed across WI and ND


Knowledgeable, highly skilled, and helpful team


High-quality cigar and tobacco selections


Lab-verified cannabis items crafted with Hemp from U.S. farms


Ignite Dispensary, with seven locations across Wisconsin and North Dakota, is your premier dispensary in the upper Midwest. Explore our current locations and come see us!

our products

While CBD products are plentiful, quality is sparse. Ignite’s offerings are lab-tested and locally procured. The Ignite difference lies in our commitment to quality.

other resources

Our staff is always ready to answer any inquiries—we ensure they are up to date with the latest information. Knowledge is power, and we’re eager to share. Peruse our resources and blog for more details!


Although there are numerous CBD stores out there, and a vast array of Hemp and Delta-8 brands to choose from, you won’t find another dispensary that matches the inviting atmosphere and attentive staff at Ignite. Our loyal customers return to us repeatedly for good reason! We boast the best selection in the region, and are steadfast in promoting ethical and sustainable Hemp cultivation practices. We offer a variety of organic brands, including CBD oils, topical and body products, infused edibles and beverages, pet products, smokable Hemp flower, and much more. Additionally, we have a range of premium cigars and accessories, pipes, and vape products.

Everyone at Ignite Dispensary is thrilled you’re here, and we invite you to visit one of our stores today!